Pop Art Happening Events

Wednesday July 27, 2016

Groovy Gallery Opening

Our weeklong happening begins with a reception at our own Groovy Gallery opening. We will celebrate the artists among us by featuring our highly anticipated Silent Auction. This year our auction will also include fine art pieces in a gallery setting as well our usual Silent Auction offerings. All of our donations will benefit Special Olympics, Florida (Duval County).

We will also meet our very special Live Auction artists and their gorgeous creations that will be offered at Friday evening’s Live Auction.

All conventioneers are invited to be creative and come dressed in your most artsy clothes or you can dress as your favorite contemporary artist! Who knows, maybe a famous art critic will take your photo and mention you in their column tomorrow!

This is an open event not hosted by table hosts.


Thursday, July 28, 2016

The Factory Luncheon

The one artist who personifies Pop Art to this day is Andy Warhol. He originally worked as a 'commercial artist' and his subject matter was derived from the imagery of mass-culture: advertising, comics, newspapers, TV, and movies. His roots were in Pittsburgh but he is best known for his studio in New York City, nicknamed The Factory. While it was a working studio, it also was known as the hip hangout for artists, benefactors and collectors. Let’s go inside our version of this iconic studio and have our own celebration of this fantastic new art craze. We encourage you to dress to be seen in a favorite mod style fashion. Maybe Andy or one of his famous guests will show up too.

This is a table hosted meal event.


Friday, July 29, 2016

Pop Art Pow Dinner

Roy Lichtenstein developed a pop art style that was based on the visual mass-communication of comic books. It was a style that was fixed in its format: black outlines, bold colors and tones rendered by Benday dots, this was a style that was used in comic books starting in the 1950s and 1960s. What changed through the development of Lichtenstein's art was his subject matter as it evolved from comic strips to an exploration of modernist art styles.

The possibilities for fun are endless as you immerse yourself in this comic book inspired art form! We encourage you to dress as your favorite comic book character and bring this art form to life at our event.

Carol Spencer will announce her very own 2016 Barbie® Best Friend Award during this event.

Our Live Auction to benefit Cathedral Arts Project Inc. will take place this evening.

This is a table hosted meal event.


Saturday, July 30, 2016

Urban Graffiti Dinner

Modern graffiti as legitimate art originated in New York City, and it was known first as “New York Style” graffiti. This art form exploded in late 1960s in public housing projects. Artistic graffiti is a modern day offspring of traditional graffiti that has elevated itself from just scrawling words or phrases on a wall, to a complex artistic form of personal expression. From Basquiat to Banksy, the sky’s the limit to how this style of art is executed.

See how creative you can be and turn this form of street art into a work of art in “your look” at this event.

We will recognize the creative among us with the Judge’s and People’s Choice award winners from our
competition room.

Our very special Silkstone® convention doll will be unveiled at the end of this special week together.

This is a table hosted meal event.


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