On the Avenue with Barbie®

2018 National Barbie® Doll
Collectors Convention

Tips, Suggestions, and Hints

The entire Convention has been carefully planned around this unique experience. We are embracing this fully in our events and hope you will do the same including dressing to the themes of the major events!

There are literally dozens of ways for you to become "part of" the Convention, as opposed to simply an attendee. Most of the Convention activities are planned so that you can "jump on board" and take part by participating or volunteering. We've planned a huge variety of Convention events, including the daytime Program Series in the Lounge Kitties Parlor, hands-on Workshops, Bazaar Raffle Room, The Museum District Competition Room, and more. There are also many "unofficial" events, sponsored by dealers, artists, and clubs that will take place during the week, so keep aware of these as well. If this is your first Convention, please try to attend the First Timers Orientation.

This is the one time of year when you'll be surrounded by hundreds of similarly-minded Barbie® doll collectors. You can wear what you want (pink is always a safe choice!), carry around your favorite doll everywhere you go, and completely immerse yourself in the Barbie® doll experience, and no one will think twice. For many of the meal functions, we've outlined some recommendations as to how you may choose to dress, but like all Convention functions, these are just an outline…if you have a great idea, run with it!

You'll see things you've never seen before, including some incredible Barbie® doll rarities and unique artists' creations. You'll see Barbie® doll friends everywhere. There will be photo and selfie opportunities throughout the Convention, and you'll want to capture them for your post-Convention reminiscences.

We've arranged for the hotel rate to be available to Conventioneers from July 6 through July 16, 2018 (based on availability). This means you can arrive early, or stay longer, allowing you to enjoy some of the USA's greatest tourist attractions.

At Convention you'll have more opportunities to shop and support your Barbie® doll habit than any other time of the year. There are many ways Convention can help you add to your Barbie® doll collection.

The official Convention souvenirs have been designed with the collector in mind, and they're incredible this year. We have things that have never been offered before to Conventioneers and items that will never be available after this Convention. The only way to assure yourself that you will have all the souvenir items you desire is to preorder them in the quantity and size that you want. AND you'll save at least 10% on all souvenirs if you preorder them before March 15, 2018. The souvenir shop is always a popular stop for Conventioneers. You'll avoid disappointment (and long lines) if you pre-order. The wide variety of products offered means that there's something for everyone, and many things no serious Barbie® doll collector can live without. All the souvenirs are being made in limited quantities and may sell out during the pre-order period. Items from the souvenir shop also make great birthday, holiday or table gifts for your favorite Barbie® doll friends and club members. Check out the full catalog of souvenirs available on the Souvenirs page of this site.

Although not an official Convention activity, room sales constitute one of the most unique and FUN traditions surrounding the National Barbie® Doll Collectors Convention. Dealers, collectors, and artists alike will open their hotel rooms up for you to visit, eye their merchandise, talk about Barbie® doll, and yes, SHOP! Room shopping will be open in the days prior to Convention and will end after Wednesday evening. We will attempt to group those selling from their rooms onto several floors as a convenience for shoppers. Check the bulletin boards on each floor to see who is selling where. One other hint: It's very easy to forget just what room you saw that treasure that you've been wanting…..the easiest way to avoid the problem is just go ahead and buy it while you're there. But failing that, you may find it helpful to carry a small notepad and pen so that you may make notes of room numbers, names, merchandise and prices in order for you to remember what you saw, and where.

The Convention Salesroom is the largest single grouping of Barbie® doll related merchandise available each year. With hundreds of vendors, there will be Barbie® doll items for every budget. You'll see Barbie® doll related items including jewelry, furniture, and clothing both for your dolls and for you. You'll see virtually every new and recently released Barbie® doll at all price points, as well as vintage items. Doll artists, designers, home seamstresses, and tailors will have their incredible work available for sale. From the largest doll dealers in the country to individuals thinning out their collections, you can literally shop the Salesroom for hours on end.

The Fashion Show is always one of the most colorful and memorable events of the Convention. Consider participating in the show and dress to the nines! Strut the runway in your favorite Barbie® doll or Barbie® doll friend outfit. Take advantage of special stage-side seating for our VIPs holding the VIP pass, so be sure to get yours.

Pertinent information from the registration book, along with all forms, are available here on this website. This is the official website for the Convention and is the place to find the most up-to-date information.

An online Yahoo! Group has been set up for the 2018 Convention. People share their ideas for various Convention events, and you'll get travel hints, as well as recommendations. You can post questions and suggestions and get all kinds of feedback. It's a great place to meet people, talk about Convention and share your excitement with fellow enthusiasts. You can find us here: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/2018BCon/info

Convention now has an Official Facebook Page for you to get to know fellow Conventioneers as well as share ideas before Convention and pictures after Convention. This group is joined by the majority of Conventioneers and serves as a popular place for Conventioneers to discuss all Convention topics. Just like the Yahoo group, you can feel free to post questions and suggestions. This group is exclusive to only those who are registered Conventioneers. Upon becoming a confirmed Conventioneer, you will receive an email invite to join the group. Should you cancel your registration, you will be removed from the page.

If this is your first time attending a NBDCC, make sure to join the Yahoo Group created just for our First Time attendees. This group is hosted by convention veterans and is a forum where you can get answers to all your NBDCC related questions. Don't forget to attend the special New Conventioneer Welcome and Orientation on Wednesday, July 11, 2018 from 11:00am to 12:00pm.

For each of the three major Convention meal events, you will be sitting at a table with the same group of ten people. This gives you the opportunity to socialize and get to know your tablemates. Each table has an assigned "host" who is in charge of the table, extending hospitality to all of the table guests and distributing official Convention gifts at each event. If you are looking for a table assignment, consider joining the online Yahoo Convention group or accepting your invitation to the Convention Facebook Page to find a group to sit with, or you can sign up for a table when you register at Convention. Do not worry…every Conventioneer will have a table to sit at, regardless of when you sign up.

The 2018 National Barbie® Doll Collectors Convention is ENTIRELY put on by volunteers. The Steering Committee, Committee Chairs, and volunteers are dedicated to making this Convention a wonderful time for all, and they work hard because they, like you, love Barbie® doll collecting. This is not a corporate or commercial enterprise designed to make money. The goal is to make each Conventioneer happy. Rest assured that we will do our best to meet your expectations as our guests.

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